Join Chef-Owner Andrew Walsh on a journey through his Irish heritage with his newly launched Nua Irish Cuisine.


CURE only offers a 14-course Dinner (Tuesday – Saturday) and 11 course Lunch (Thursday – Saturday).
To enhance your Nua dining experience, the team have specially curated a Beverage Program options for both     Alcoholic & Non-alcoholic pairing.
Please approach our friendly service team for more information & clarity.

Representing his take on the evolution of Irish cuisine, the name takes inspiration from the double meaning of the word nua: Old Gaelic for Irish and modern Irish for new. Shining the spotlight on exceptional ingredients, Nua continues in the same vein with an expert showcase of the Celtic nation’s produce and culinary influences.

Blessed with ample rainfall and cool weather all year round, expect dishes evoking images of the island’s rustic coastlines and sprawling grasslands, ranging from coveted shellfishes and cattle to lesser known cheeses and indigenous flora.

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Corporate Events

At Cure, we offer a wide range of Event services for your needs. From a private dinner at home to a full offsite catering event, we offer customised menus and service with an experience to match any occasion. Some leading brands we have worked with in the past are Chanel, Gucci, Hermès, Marina Bay Sands, and many more.

Cure at Home

with Chef Andrew Walsh

Cure Concepts at Home brings our best chefs for a private dining experience at the comfort of your own home. Our menu can be tailored to your preference – be it Cure, Catfish, Butcher Boy or Club Street Wine Room’s culinary style. Ideal for special occasions, lunches with friends, family dinners or a great gift for that special someone.